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Welcome to
Knot On My Table

Providing relaxation through massage therapy in a safe and inclusive environment, because every body deserves relief.

Text Questions To (520) 225-9496

Text Questions To (520) 225-9496

Welcome to
Knot On My Table

Providing relaxation through massage therapy in a safe and inclusive environment, because every body deserves relief.

Text Questions To (520) 225-9496

Take a Breath

Massage For Every Body:

Our bodies put up with a lot in our in our daily lives.  The stress and strain we repetitively endure can cause tension and aches throughout the complex interconnected system we call our bodies. Are you feeling it now? 


Here I hold a space for healing for you to let it all melt away.  KNOT ON MY TABLE takes pride in providing holistic care in a body positive, gender inclusive, trauma-informed and accessibility conscious environment.  I provide an Integrative Massage for relaxation, pain management and joint mobility that caters to each individuals specific needs, because every body deserves relief.

Body Affirming and Gender Inclusive:

Safe On My Table

I offer a place of safety

I offer you peace

I see your beauty

I hear your feelings

I feel your needs

Wisdom flows from

The highest Source

I honor that Source in you 

Let us work together

As a QPOC I strive to honor my community and hold safe space for every body that crosses my table. Partnering with #safeonmytable and gaining access to the knowledge of many successful Transgender Therapists  and Bodyworkers, I am always striving to learn and grow in order to offer a safe and inclusive space providing adequate and efficient bodywork for the Transgender, Non-Binary and all the LGBTQ+ community.   

Experienced Knowledge

With 10 years experience I intergrate many modalities into my Deep Tissue Massage with emphasis on tension and discomfort in the Back, Neck and Shoulders. I use many techniques that reach deeper layers of muscles, break down knots, increase circulation and relieve trigger points throughout the body. Beneficial for common Neck and Shoulder issues found among athletes, those who sit with desk work for long periods of time and those with experience wearing binders for long periods of time. 

Exhale your stress

*Every service is provided on a Amethyst Biomat Technology providing -Ion balancing with heated long wave infrared rays. Long Wave Infrared Rays penetrate 14~15cm into the body benefitting not only the bodies surface muscles, but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves into the deepest part of our bodies. This Long Wave Infrared Rays heat source provides relief for shoulder pain, lumbago and fatigue of the bodies muscles. It also encourages perspiration which helps expel unhealthy materials such as urea, nitrogen, uric acid, excess sodium and chlorine which can cause kidney infections and many other problems. * Services are provided by appointment only and are adequately spaced throughout the day, increasing privacy, protection and comfort for all clients

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Offering relief with:

I offer help with:





Chronic Pain

Reduced Range Of Motion


Acute Injuries

Postural Holding Patterns

Scar Treatment

Pain and Discomfort From Binding

Energic Blockages


Integrative Deep Tissue Massage

Using a combination of many modalities I will assess and address the individual needs of every client. 

Deep Tissue techniques to reach deeper sections of thick muscles and address painful, stiff trouble spots from repetitive stress and old injuries. Trigger Point Release focuses on pinpointing these persistent referral areas and dissolving the tender points that cause pain and limitations throughout the body. 

Myofascial Release addresses restrictions in the body that decrease range of motion by addressing layers of bound muscle tissue. Swedish techniques bring it all together increases blood flow to muscle tissues and increasing the bodies natural functions. 


60 Minute - $80

90 Minute - $100

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Energy Balancing

Energy work that promotes relaxation, stress release, balance and alignment. Open your Chakras in order to support the body's natural functions and ability to heal itself. 

40  Minute Energy Blancing - $40

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